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Wintec Kids Saddle

Wintec Kids Saddle

SKU: jbw211101

The Kids Saddle provides all the support and comfort the youngest rider needs to develop good riding habits and position from day one. This lightweight 13-inch saddle has Velcro panels that can be adjusted to fit a variety of horses and ponies.

Wintec is the world's # 1 synthetic saddle - Look at the features of this 13 inch Kids Saddle.

Saddle Design - Helps riders position their legs.
Built-In Handle - Provides increased safety
Velcro Panels - Adjust to fit a variety of animals
Double Girth Straps - No special fittings required.
Crupper Dee - Use a crupper if needed.
Lightweight - Easy for a child to carry.
Weatherproof & Easy Care - Versatile and durable. Wipe clean panel and washable top.

To get the right girth for this saddle you can use the following: the measurement from the center of the under side of the saddle to the lowest hole on the billet strap is 21 1/2". The highest billet hole is 8" above the lowest one.

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    Color: Black
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