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Tech Stirrups Aluminum Aphrodite Plus Dressage

Tech Stirrups Aluminum Aphrodite Plus Dressage

SKU: tsap-plus

Aphrodite PLUS - Tech Stirrups for dressage, for those who seek precision.

The PATENTED Tech Stirrups are entirely produced in Italy. They are made from aluminium billet and fitted with stainless blocked screws. They are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality.

- Weight: 450 gr.
- Tread size: 120mm long x 50mm wide (4-3/4”).

The Tech Stirrups “Aphrodite” for the dressage encloses its technology in the tread. In fact, to ensure greater stability, the weight of the stirrup has been concentrated in the tread; furthermore, the perfect grip doesn’t bother the foot during its use.

Unlike the other dressage stirrups on the market, Tech Stirrups “Aphrodite” has the grip that allows the rider to communicate with the horse in an extraordinary way, as it has teeth with angles computer-designed that allow the foot freedom of movement.

The stirrup leather slot conformation, is made to maintain the stirrup in a position that can be easily worn.

In addition, for the least possible harm to the horse and to avoid to damage the tack, the front of the benches is rounded and all the edges on the stirrups are rounded off.

The aesthetic of the Tech Stirrups has been cured in the smallest details, all the milling have been made with high speed CNC machineries, set up with CAD- CAM in order to obtain precious finishing; even the screws have been built in so that they won’t stick out. The Tech Stirrups are produced with certificated materials and packed into recyclable carton boxes.

Before packaging, all the rings are subjected to a stress test.

Despite the screws are secured, we advise the customer to verify the proper closure before use.

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