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Liveryman Mane(Pet) Clipper Kare Pro 100

Liveryman Mane(Pet) Clipper Kare Pro 100

SKU: 5907099

Light, powerful and versatile horse clipper for head, legs and body.

This is the most sold Liveryman model. Despite the compact size, it is very good for the whole horse or for finishing.

It has the engine without brushes, which means less friction and longer life. This is a feature that only the Liveryman clippers have.

Attention: for perfect functionality it is necessary to oil the combs every 15 minutes!

Strength: 22 Watt
Speed: 2500/mn
Weight: 550g
Loudness: 65db
Battery life with one charge: 1h 30m
Contents: wide blade, charger, oil and brush
Warranty: 12 months

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